Dear sisters

Dear sisters in Islam
beloved in e-man
do you believe your beauty lies in exposure?
Showing your chest as broader?
Making your hair a public glare?
Why do you have to bare?
Show how less you care?
Make us unwillingly aware?
Openly declare
that hijab is a burden to bear
Islam is in reverse gear
When to us you’re so dear?
When your problems are ours to share?
When you cry we are there
when you laugh we still care
why dear sister?
Did Allah(swt) not answer your prayer?
Did Allah(swt) not give you a way of life and examples so clear?
Dear sister,
Allah(swt) is the Lord of Rahma
the Lord of Maghfira
the Creator of Jannah
the Owner of every Fadhla
Subhanahu wa ta’ala
‘Azza wa jallah
jalla jallalah
He gave you beauty
can take it any time
gave you life
will take it in time
He gave you Islam
take it into heart
revealed Al Qur’an
live by it
die loving it
Allah(swt) loves you
that’s why He made you a muslim!


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