Imam al-Barbaharee on fitan (e.g. whats happening now in egypt)

Imam al-Barbaharee said in his Sharh as-Sunnah;

“When turmoil (fitnah) occurs, remain within your house and flee from the neighborhood of tumult. Beware of blind following and every case of fighting between Muslims for this world is discord and a trial.Fear Allah, who is alone, having no partner. Do not go out in it, do not fight in it, do not take part in it, do not take sides in it, nor incline towards either (side) and do not have love for any of their affairs, since it is said, “He who loves the deeds of a people, good or bad, is just like the one who commits them.” May Allah grant us and you those things pleasing to Him and keep us away from disobedience to Him…”

Ibn az-Zubayr narrates: My close friend, Abul-Qaasim (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) advised me, “If you reach anything of the tumult (fitnah), go to Uhud and blunt yours lword upon it, then remain in your house.” Reported by Ahmad in al-Musnad (4/226 and 5/69). Its isnaad is hasan, as has been mentioned by Shaikh al-Albaanee
(rahimahullaah) in as-Saheehah (3/no.1373).

May Allaah aid the Muslims everywhere- AMIN



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