Do Not Attach the Truth to Individuals

shaykh ibn  uthaimeen ; I don’t want the truth to be linked to individuals, everyone will die ,and if we link the truth to individuals, then this means if the individual dies people may loose hope, I advise you not to attach the truth to any individual, people can stray from the right path,

as Ibn Mas’oud once said; “whoever wants to follow someone’s way let him follow the ways of someone who has passed away, for a living person is not safe from fitnah”

If you connect the truth to him, this person may be proud of himself, (and we seek refuge from that) and stray from the correct path, for this I advise you now not to attach the truth to individuals, f

Firstly;  a person is not safe from going astray or falling into fitnah, I ask Allah to keep us firm in His deen,

secondly; a person will die and no one will remain alive,” and we granted not to any human being immortality before you, then if you die , would they live forever?”


thirdly; the son of Adam is a human being, he might feel pride, if he sees people praising him and gathering around him he might feel pride, and will think he’s infallible and claims infallibility and that everything he does is the truth, and every route he takes is allowed, in this, there is destruction,

when a man praised another man in his presence, the Prophet salallahu aleyhi wasaallam told him: “woe to you, you have cut off the head of your companion “or” you have broke the back of your companion.” 


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