Dr.Ahmad Bazmool: My Shaykh Muhammad taught me…

Dr.Ahmad Bazmool: My Shaykh Muhammad taught me…
1. To know that the path to the truth is only by way what has come in the Book, Sunnah and the methodology of the salaf-as-saalih.

2. To examine statements against the Book, The Sunnah, and what the Companions were upon, whatever is in accordance with them, and whatever opposes them i reject.

3. Not to fanatically cling to any scholar, no matter who he is, if he makes a mistake in a issue! This is because fanaticism is a blameworthy characteristic.

4. That a blind follower is ignorant! His statement is not given consideration in knowledge-based issue, because he lacks the ability to distinguish between proofs!

5. That the scholars are on different levels, and that each scholar has speciality in knowledge that gives him precedence in that field over other than it.

6. To respect scholars, recognize their worth and status, and to benefit from them, because they are inheritors of the Prophets.

7. Not to precede scholars; rather to follow them in the truth, and to return to their statement, seeking enlightment from it.

8. That if I have an opinion in opposition to the opinion of the Scholars, I leave my opinion and take the opinion of the scholars.

9. That I should exhibit the manners of Ahlus-Sunnah with the scholars, not the manners of the watered-down soofees nor the extreem Haddaadiyyah.

10. That the imams of Sunnah of this time are Ibn Baaz, al-Albaanee and al-Uthaymeen, and no one speaks ill of them except for an innovator.

11.That al-Albanee is a scholar who is an independent jurist (i.e. Mujtahid) he cosistently arrives at the truth due to his adherence to proofs, and it is possible for him to make a mistake, just like scholars other than him have made mistakes.

12.That our love for al-Albanee is not fanatically clinging to his personality!! Rather, it is love for the Sunnah that he used to call to and aid.

13.That al-Albanee is an indepedent jurist (i.e. Mujtahid) who has a predecessor (i.e. Salaf) in every issue he arrives at a verdict in.

14.That al-Albanee is from the imams of guidance. Certainly, he serviced the Sunnah like none other (in this era), and people depend on his books.

15.That a detractor of Albanee is one of two men
(I) A misguided innovator who hates the salafiyyah of al-Albanee (i.e. His firm adherence)
(II) A jelous individual who envies him because of the leadership in the religion that Allah favored him with.

Source: twitter.com/alrehabi_eng


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