Amazing Quotes from the Scholars on terrorism and khawarij by @aburemlah And @nchogle

Shaykh AlAnjaree:
Allah ordered us to fulfill our trusts and agreements of safety,
so the People of Truth DO NOT abandon these agreements

Shaykh Al-Anjaree:
You pathetic person who claims this terrorism is Jihad, you LIE and DISTORT the Religion of Allaah !!!"

Sh AlAnjaree:
You khawarij criminals cause people to change the Religion and ban the Hijab and other than that due to YOUR falsehood & evil

Sh AlAnjaree:
O Europeans, (before you) we’ve been faced with the difficulties of these khawaarij criminals & their evil ways for centuries

Shaykh Khalid AbdurRahmaan:
Allah has tested the Muslims with these Khawarij, Past & Present"

Sh Khalid AbdurRahman:
Its NOT permissible to fight nonmuslims in defense of Muslims they’re opressing,
if they had an agreement of security

Sh Khalid AbdurRahman:
Muawiya, the Companion of Mohammed, was a ruler for 40 years;
he didn’t battle Rome as long as he had a peace agreement

Sh Khalid AbdurRahman:
"Abu Sufyaan who was not Muslim at the time, bore witness that Muhammed صلى الله عليه و سلم was never treacherous!!!"

Sh Khalid AbdurRahmaan:
The Khawarij are so far from this correct way of Mohammed صلى الله عليه و سلم and his noble Companions"

Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم said what means:
"They recite the Quran & it doesn’t pass their throats"

Sh Khalid AbdurRahman:
"The khawarij don’t understand the Quran!
If they contemplated the Quran they would know they are upon corruption!"

Sh Khalid:
Some companions of Mohamed promised nonmuslims they won’t fight alongside Mohamed,
so heﷺ ordered them to Fulfill their promise

Sh Muhammad bin Ramzaan:
Treachery & deception are NOT from the actions of the Muslims who seek the Face of Allaah !!!"

Sh Muhammad bin Ramzan:
Passports, citizenships & visas are all examples of Agreements of Safety, Peace & Security"

Sh Muhammad bin Ramzan:
If a muslim rasies a metal object to another muslim he is cursed by the Angels;
so what about the one who murders?!

Sh Aadel Mansour:
We free ourselves from the treachery of the treacherous ones , we free ourselves from all that what Allaah hates

Shaykh Aadil Mansoor:
Islaam is a religion of Truth;
no lying in it.
Islam is a religion of Trust;
no treachery in it."

Sh Aadil Mansoor:
What these criminals do is NOT in defence of the Prophet’s honor;
Defence of the Prophet ﷺ is ONLY in following his way!

Aadil Mansor:
It’s impossible to defend Islam with what’s prohibited in Islam!
Islam was always free from criminal actions & always will be!

Sh Aadil:
The evil of these criminals affects the Muslims in terrible ways;
These treacherous ways CAN’T be called defence of the Prophetﷺ !

Shaykh Aadil:
It’s obligatory upon whoever has correct knowledge & insight
to clarify to the people what is from the True Islam & what isn’t

From mercy to mankind is to teach them True Islam
They must be informed reality of the Prophet ﷺ:
he fulfilled agreements of Safety

Sh Anjari:
The trust of the Muslims is one. Even if 1 muslim gives his trust, then upon all the muslims is to adhere to it

Sh. Khalid:
People used to curse & speak against the Prophetﷺ in his life:
he didn’t kill them & didn’t fight them even though he was able.

Sh Ibn Uthaymeen: The borders of non muslim lands must be respected because there are agreements between the countries.

Sh Ramzaan:
UK, France, USA are not muslim lands but they are not lands of battle, because there are agreements of safety and security.

Sh Muhammad bin Ramzan:
The Khawarij consider every land a place of battle, even Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia"

Sh Aadil Mansoor:
Obligatory on all Muslims to believe those criminal acts are NOT from Islam, & hate them because it makes Allaah Angry

Sh Aadil Mansor:
True Islam is free from these acts & free from all those who FALSELY claim to be upon Salafiya;
its obligatory to hate them

Shaykh Aadil Mansoor:
These Khawarij criminals may likely turn to attacking the Muslims and bombing the mosques! (this has been their way!)

Shaykh Aadil Mansoor:
The Khawarij are from the callers to the Hellfire whom the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم warned against!"

Sh Khalid:
Ibn Taymiyyah: If someone isn’t able to practice something from Islaam he should act upon what he’s able

Sh Khalid AbdurRahman:
This is what all the People of Knowledge are upon;
so if a woman isn’t able to cover her face, she doesn’t have to.

Sh Ramzan:
All True Scholars are against the khawarij in every land;
this is clear on many platforms:
like websites & this AnNahjWadih radio

Sh Ibn Ramzan:
Don’t think that Allaah won’t ask you khawarij about the corruption you spread in Iraq & Sham & other places! "

Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzan:
Very recently, the Mufti of KSA declared that he even doubts the criminal’s (khawarij’s) Islaam"

Sh Anjaree:
Oh Allaah I’m free from Daish(ISIS)
O Allaah I’m free form the acts of those criminals in France

Sh Anjari:
Its obligatory upon every Muslim to free themselves from these khawarij who ascribe themselves to Islam,
but their claim is a lie

Sh Anjari:
People of France know of these evil groups like Boko Haram & others like the militant organisations like FARC & others

Abdullah bin Zubair رضي الله عنهما used to distribute abundant amounts of wealth to whomsoever would fight against the khawarij.

ابن خلدون

Sh Fawzan:
Allah refuted people of misguidance in many places in His Book & legislated for us also;
to establish Truth & debase falsehood.

Ibn Taymiya:
Whoever loves a shaykh who opposes the Sharia, he’s with him;
so if that shaykh is entered into the Fire, he will be with him.

Zaid bin Arqamرضي الله عنه:
Whoever clings to the Sunna & is steadfast is saved
Who goes to extremes is expelled
Who opposes it is destroyed

Sh Rabee on Sh Khalid:
He’s from the best of the People of Knowledge & abundant callers to Allah & on the way of the Salaf

The Shaykhs are from:


We ask Allah to guide us to the Sunna. May Allah Preserve our Scholars and their students who warn us against falsehood. Amin.


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