The righteous Salafee woman – Shaykh Fawaz Al Madkhalee

Shaykh Fawaz Al Madkhalee.
The righteous Salafee woman

– It is not a condition that she has to know the various groups and parties

– It is not a condition that she has to repeat the statements and phrases of the scholars of the Salaf

– It is not necessary that she has to know the Jarh (criticism) of so-and-so

– It is not a condition that she has to know the Salafi scholars

– It is not a condition that she has to know the prevalent affairs

– It is not a condition that she has to fast the Days of the Full Moon, nor every Monday and Thursday

– Neither does she have to establish the night prayer every night

* It is enough for her

– To be diligent upon the five daily prayer

– Fast Ramadhaan

– To look after herself and her husband, take care of her house and her child

– Her house is her kingdom, her husband is her guardian and her children are her flock

* The Messenger (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) did not mention except:

– That she should be affectionate and kindhearted towards her child, guard [the honour] of her husband and also his property

– She combines this with fulfilling the right of her Lord

* Clarification:

The matters which I have mentioned as it is not a condition

– If she has this in her then it is better

– However I have seen Ghuluww (exceeding of limits) by some of the youth when they seek these characteristics from a woman when they desire to marry her

– I have also seen some women exaggerate when asking about this matters, wanting to delve into them too deeply

I therefore explained the basis of what should be sought in a woman, that she should be a righteous Salafi woman, without the need for different conditions

The knowledge that she is actually in need of is what is specific to her femininity and womanhood because she is a woman.

Any thing more than this, her husband should teach her, and she follows her husband in this because he is her guardian and the responsibility to guard over her is upon him.

Allaah knows best


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