Ruling on images of living things where the eyes have been removed | Abul Abbas Moosaa Richardson

Is it permissible to wear images, butterflies, puma, that don’t have eyes? Images of living things are impermissible, and the eyes… That’s just an opinion that some Scholars have that if you remove the eyes you remove the image, what comes from the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم in a hadith which is debatable if it’s authentic or not, Shaykh Muhammad Naasir-ud-deen al-Albani called it authentic is, “as suratu ra’s” the sura(image) is the head, if you remove the head then there’s no sura remaining, and that’s the closest to what should be considered correct, coz if you take the sura, take a statue or something, remove the head, then it doesn’t have any honor, it doesn’t have any… It doesn’t have that value of the image with the head and all of that, where someone would possibly worship it or someone would possibly have ghuluuw for it because now it’s ugly it’s destroyed, it’s defaced, alright, and Allahu ta’ala knows best.
just the eyes out, so if anybody wears black sunglasses you can just take their picture? If somebody wears mirrored sunglasses, you can do selfies and all that stuff? So images are Haram unless you are wearing sunglasses? That seems to be a real weak fatwa, and Allah ta’ala knows best. Poking eyes out and things like that or they draw the entire animal or person entirely and they don’t put the pupils in the eyes, so they have white eyes, I don’t understand where that would come from.

Transcribed by AbuAbdiRahman Killas.
Source : click here to listen


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