Ramadhan Reference websites

Click on the link (that starts with goo.gl) before main site to go straight to the ramdan/fasting articles

Alifta.net : http://goo.gl/1Jh7YT and http://goo.gl/t8YFsc


Ferkous.com  : http://goo.gl/rbYloj

Followthesalaf.com : http://goo.gl/vvJDBM and http://goo.gl/SlnAcv

Mtws.posthaven.com : http://goo.gl/ywNSaq  and  http://goo.gl/DtQtJs

http://understand-islam.net : https://goo.gl/VNGDdI

Sayingsofthesalaf.net : https://goo.gl/xf6AVO  and https://goo.gl/DlKFjU

Abdurrahman.orghttps://goo.gl/OMKJKV and  https://goo.gl/O5zA9f


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